Quality Policy

The quality policy of CYTOPATHOLOGY LABORATORIES P.C. is:

The management of the company is committed to ensuring that all its departments, which affect the quality of its services, are organized in such a way and controlled in such a way as to reduce, eliminate and above all to prevent the quality defects of its services with the aim of complete and continuous customer satisfaction commensurate with the promised excellent quality of its services.

The product quality management system that the company started to design and implement in accordance with the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard aims to continuously improve the company’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The management of the company is committed to the quality of the services it provides with full respect for national and community legislation as well as all other provisions related to the services, with absolute respect for the person (employee of the company – customer), with respect for hygiene and worker safety as well as respecting the environment, which are other aspects of the broader concept of quality. It is also committed to providing the necessary resources to enable the following quality system to function properly.

The company’s management invites all staff to participate in the effort for continuous quality improvement, trying to understand, implement and maintain this policy at all levels and provides all possible help and support at all stages of planning and implementation of the quality assurance system.

The management of the company sets measurable objectives for quality at a strategic level, at the level of individual operations and products. The objectives in question are established and monitored in terms of the degree of achievement in the context of the review of the management system by the same.

The quality policy established by the company is understood by all staff and its fulfillment is their daily concern.